‚ÄčT.C. Spellen


T.C. Spellen is the 2014 winner of the Henri Christian Literary Award in the Devotional Category: The Waiting Room, a 31-day Devotional for Single Women Waiting for the Right Husband.  She is passionate about leading single women, especially those who desire a God-fearing mate, to live a purpose-filled life by engaging spiritual and practical disciplines.  T.C. knows the importance of having a relationship with God -- her first love and yours too -- whether single or not and takes great pleasure in sharing this priceless pearl of wisdom with other single women.

When this astute woman of God is not using her spiritual gift of teaching to help edify the body of Christ, she is either traveling or eating at one of her favorite NYC restaurants.  This energetic New Yorker also enjoys long walks, hanging out with her devoted mother and spending time with her lifelong friends.

Be on the lookout for this prolific author and transparent empowerment speaker. She is truly being used by God to elevate single women, in particular, to live with purpose and to rise above the status quo.